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Dominant might not be a name you’re too familiar with just yet but it’s only a matter of time before he makes a name for himself and makes it big in the music world. Byron Garvey (aka Dominant) was born in Linstead, Jamaica on February 8. 1979. Even though this talented reggae artist is only 30 years old and has never stepped foot off the island of Jamaica, you’d never know it by listening to his unique brand of reggae. Dominant describes his brand of music as “much different and unique”, a “reality style “of music and in his own words describes it as a fusion of the Jamaican language. Dominants dreams are big. When asked what his aspirations are in the music industry he confidently replies “to give opportunity to the world in what he has to offer from his music that describes things that happen around us. He wishes to build a strong influence to the world of music. According to Dominant apart from Shabba Ranks there are no big name artists who use this style of music. He also adds that Ninja man occasionally blends this style into his music but that’s about it. Dominant has worked with universal recording artist, Nicky B, who is thoroughly known throughout Jamaica and France. At 30 Dominant is already an accomplished musician in his own right. He began recording his music at the young age of 19 and has at least 15 recordings to his name with various producers already, quite an accomplishment for a person who doesn’t come from a musical background. So what drew him to his passion for music and helped develop him into the talented young musician he has become today? Dominant explains for as long and far back as he can remember he has always had an interest and talent in music from a very young age that just came naturally. Dancehall was a passion that developed and grew in time. Dominant first influences in music were artists such as Buju Banton and Bounty Killah.Although Dominant first started out as a DJ in Jamaica he soon learned that, as he became more of a man and matured that his real talent lay in singing. He says that growing up was a time for him to begin letting the world know him and by that his songs come from the real reality around him. So what exposed and influenced him to produce his current style of music? Believe it or not was Biggie Small was his very first CD that he bought and listened to that significantly influenced him to develop his music style as it is today. Other reggae artists who have inspired him include: Bounty Killah. His contemporary reggae influences include: Sanchez, Peter Tosh and Beres Hammond. Dominant admits he still enjoys listening to his original influences of old school reggae (a brand of music he describes as Rastafarian culture reggae) but he explains he enjoys listening to it more these days for comfort, solace and inspiration on a higher level. He adds it’s not so much of an influence on his own recordings and style anymore. Apart from music what are some of Dominants other talents and interests? Anything that helps him and his family out, as he has a young daughter to support, he prefers to work the 9-5and afterwards, he’s found in the studio making his own creation of reggae earning a living.